The World Is A Book…

…and those who do not travel read only a page.


St. Augustine

20th of April 2016

After an early start at school of double English, Maths, Geography and Science I was already wiped out and ready to go to bed. As per usual we started at half past seven, and finished at half past one, I was tired today though because the night before we had a practise leaving party and tomorrow we are having another one with our friend. Her name is Kim, and she works at an Excursions desk in Playa Del Bobo. An area surrounding a beach next to Playa De Las Americas. However, I did complete my school work.

After School Geoff (papa), Mum, Summer who is my sister and myself went for Breakfast/Lunch at two o’clock. We ate at a nice pool bar called Picasso’s. After a wonderful meal I left to get back home so I could Cycle up to the Stable.  As usual in Tenerife, it was a beautiful day. The sky was blue, the birds were singing and the sun was shining.

Once at the stables, and today I felt more confident because there was less wind. Once again we went on a trek and Karen went on Bon Bon and I went on Ruby. Ruby was very comfortable but today she was a bit of a handful, because she kept on dragging me in to the weeds. I asked Karen if we could swap horses because She was getting too strong for me. Once back at the stables I  helped out  by brushing some of the horses and  sweeping all the horse hair from the floor.

Later that day, once back from La Caldera, we went out to Kims’ house to eat and drink, we had a barbecue which was very tasty, but this evening was sad because it was the last time I’ld see her in Tenerife. I said my final goodbyes and we left.

21st of April 2016

Once again we woke up at Half past six /Seven o’clock for school. Today was different though because  Geoff and Summer were up early today too so they could sort out an application form for a work permit for Summer who is staying here.

Today was a busy day for us too, because after doing double English, Maths and History  we did some cooking. We made some chocolate brownies so we could get rid of all of the baking ingredients that had come from the UK to Turkey and then to here, there’s no way they are travelling the world again!

Mum was also going to put me on Trip Advisor and renewed her accounts so I could review all  hotels and places on our journey. After several times trying to create a Trip Advisor account, mother gave up because it did not allow my date of birth/age or a dot com address, who knows? A strongly worded email is on its way!!

After cooking and school we went out for a walk to Del Duque and had some lunch .As usual,it was a beautiful day in the south of Tenerife and after lunch I went horse riding again.

Today I went on on of the horses called Arnie. He is a large shire horse and is the biggest, softest horse I know. We went up the one of the mountains today and the view over the banana plantation is stunning. After a very enjoyable trek I came back home and relaxed.

Author: adventurerintrainingblog

I am a 14 year old boy and live and am home schooled by my parents aboard our 45 foot sailing yacht which we sail from Turkey. I have travelled through/ across Europe by road, several times now, and have also driven into the heart of Turkey, visiting Konya, Cappadocia and many other places. You can read about both of these experiences on the blog... However, at the moment you can read about our life aboard our yacht in Turkey during the winter... I hope you can come along for the ride, then sail along with me as I blog my sailing adventures for next year!

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