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27th April 2016

After a busy day of packing and school the day before, it was once again another day of sorting, schooling, packing and cleaning, in preparation for the long trip ahead.

After waking up at seven o’clock, we did another long day of English, Geography and ICT, until twelve when we decided to forget Maths until we reached our 32 hour long boat trip from Tenerife to the mainland.  Today was also Mums birthday and we decided that while it was too hot to take our heavy bags to the car, we would spend our final days in the glorious sun of Tenerife with a nice Gin and tonic.

I went horse riding for the final time at La Caldera Del Rey . Today we went up the mountain for my last time on Ruby, who is one of my favourite horses at the stables.  Karen went on Maci again. After the Great trek I fed all the horses a carrot and thanked Karen for teaching me how to ride and told her we would keep in touch.

When I arrived back home, I helped out by taking things up to Summers house at Colina Blanca, just up the stairs from us, and taking things to the car. Once again, I had the easy job of standing watch over the bags and Luggage. Then that night, to celebrate mums  birthday, we ate out at a wonderful restaurant.  We came back to the house and slept for the final time in Tenerife.


Go! And the Journey So Far……………..

28th April 2016

Whilst in Tenerife I had learnt many Fun activities, I had learnt how to Surf, ride horses and how to get use to 30-degree heat in the middle of winter and when I woke up on the morning of the 28th of April, I was surprised at how cold it was. It was like England on an Autumnal morning!

But this small inconvenience didn’t stop me from springing out of my bedroom and into the final day of life as a Tenerifean…As we all got dressed and ready for the hour drive to Santa Cruz I said to myself that this 5-month holiday/part living experience feels more like a 2-week excursion! At ten past seven we jumped into the car and headed to the port, an hour’s drive from here. It was sad to leave Tenerife because not only had we enjoyed the weather and met some lovely people, it was nice to not feel the bobbing and swaying you get on the boat when another boat passes!

After the short trip from the south of the island to the north, it was 8:30 and we were running low on fuel but as the time stood, we were okay. We searched and searched, but it seemed that in Santa Cruz De Tenerife, there is no such thing as a “Petrol Station”.

It was 9:00 now and we still couldn’t find one…but then we saw the large green symbol of a BP sign over in the not-very-far distance. However, our driver wasn’t exactly a Lamborghini test driver, nor does he have a good sense of direction………………you see, after seeing the petrol station,on the opposite side of the road from where we were, Geoff decided that the turnoff leading to the road closest to the station would have an entrance from our side of the street. It didn’t, so after more searching( ie; driving around the same streets in circles _ searching, ), we ( Geoff ) caused havoc in the streets of Santa Cruz and hung a left turn up a blind one way street and declared that he was ” driving like a Turk ” so it didn’t matter that everybody was honking him! Geoff is SOO looking forward to being back in Turkey that he is practising already! So, we were filled up with fuel all we needed to do now was to FIND where the ferry would come to………………………………….

It was now 10:00, we had found the ferry port thanks to Geoff asking 5 people…5…. who didnt speak English and couldnt really understand Geoffs shouted Spanglish…..Anyway everything was all going well. The boat was expected to arrive at 11:05, and we were going to board at 11:15. Mum was a foot passenger ( cause we had been trying to get her out of the car for ages, cause she stinks ) and Geoff, the dogs and myself were all going onto the ferry in the car.

At the last minute we decided to make Mum a foot passenger for another two reasons ( apart from stinking ), one because it was cheaper ( who knows why?!)  and two, because the plan was for her to leg it to the top deck as a foot passenger and bag a kennel ( for the dogs, not her !!! ) on the top deck, or “the dog deck “.

last time we were on the boat and we had – after parking the car, finding reception, checking in to the cabin, making a few phone calls and changing our shoes….- eventually made our way to the dog deck,, the only kennel left was a high up one and we had to lift Asena and her lumping, great 45 kg and kind of shoulder her up into the thing every time we wanted to leave her, so a “ground floor” one would be nice……..  When we boarded, Mum and I both went on as foot passengers and took the dogs with us immediately. It was fun and games coaxing Asena up the escalator (!!!!)  but we legged it to the top where the kennels are. We got one for them to share down on the bottom level, great! And before we left them alone we spent about Two hours with them up on the dog deck, until it was lunch time at 1:00.

We all had fish and some Spanish Fries which were all cold- (It was only on the second day on board we discovered that there were microwaves to heat up the restaurants cold food individually, prior to discovering this, the meals were, erm…… )-

After lunch I came back to the cabin we had booked, while Mum and Geoff stayed with the dogs. I looked around the room, it was a reasonable sized room with two fold down bunks, a television and a toilet and shower, I played with some of the buttons to see what they did…and eventually the television came on, I did expect BBC World News, or CNN, but no…Instead it was cartoons.



Later that day, after another cold meal, I came on to the roof with the dogs and sat there for half an hour before going to bed at 9:30.

29th April 2016

After waking up at 8:00, to my surprise Mum had left to feed the dogs and Geoff was getting dressed to go too.  So, once they had left I climbed down the ladder from my bunk, banging my head on the fire alarm on the way, and got dressed so I could catch them up.

I left the room and clambered up one flight of stairs to the dogs and family.  Far out in the Atlantic, the fresh air certainly woke me up but all of a sudden, I felt a need for food.  At 10:00 we strolled down the steps and ate more cold food, mmmm!!

After the cold meal, we all went up to the dog deck and sat there for hours on end until Half past 0ne when we went to have lunch. The reason for dining at these particular times is that, A) there wasn’t any room in the truck to pack a bag of groceries, so that we could feed ourselves, and B) on our first trip over on the boat we had got wise to the ” food vouchers ” system which you can buy when you board the boat. Its well worth doing and for 30 euros each one person gets lunch, dinner, breakfast and lunch ( over two days, obviously….) so we thought it was a good idea – even better when we discovered the art of “nuke and ka booming it”!!

Back to the ” dog deck ” avec le chiens………….. I did go down stairs for a blanket and my book this time.

The book I am reading at the moment is called “Silk Dreams, Troubled Road” by Jonny Beably, it is a fascinating book because they ( he and a hand picked female stranger ! )  are riding horses from Central Asia all the way to Europe. I nteresting trip and interesting story!

After reading it, it was 3pm, I had read since 1:00 and we were now 4 and a half hours away from the mainland, we were expected to reach the hotel at half past eight. However the lady doing the announcements said that we should expect to reach Huelva at 7:30. BONUS!!! Early escape off of ” dog deck!”

Once at Huelva, Mum, Geoff and I took all our things from the cabin and collected the dogs so we could go down to the car deck on level 5. Once of the boat it would be a simple 15-minute drive to our hotel in Magazon, a few minutes from Huelva.  The hotel we were staying at was called the “Hotel Albaida Nature” Geoff and I had stayed at the hotel before, the last time we stayed, the rooms were adequate, it would seem they have had a renovating moment because the room we stayed in now was lovely, modern, up to date, classy and large! Mum and Geoff really loved the changes.

Mum will be writing trip advisor reviews and I’ll publish links here when they are live! ( seeing as I can’t have my own TA site!)

After unpacking our bags into our rooms,we went out to the town of Magazon, which is perfectly cute and European, to have some food at one of the local restaurants. Its surprising, how all of us feel relieved to have left Tenerife, there is something about these real, rural villages and towns here, which are so much more personal than the plastic, fantastic facade of Tenerife. We all feel happy to have left Tenerife because it hadn’t been right for us in some ways, but in others, and ’cause I was there, it was perfect.


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I am a 14 year old boy and live and am home schooled by my parents aboard our 45 foot sailing yacht which we sail from Turkey. I have travelled through/ across Europe by road, several times now, and have also driven into the heart of Turkey, visiting Konya, Cappadocia and many other places. You can read about both of these experiences on the blog... However, at the moment you can read about our life aboard our yacht in Turkey during the winter... I hope you can come along for the ride, then sail along with me as I blog my sailing adventures for next year!

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  1. Great writing Casey. I really enjoyed reading the latest update. I was really looking forward to it and you didn’t disappoint.


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