Italy Is A Dream….

…That keeps returning for the rest of your life.



8th May 2016

We ate last night in the Boccadasse fishing village, a ten minute stroll ( a hobble and hop back for mother, as her old faithful cramp flops finally gave out!! ) from the Albergo Boccadasse hotel where we were staying. Mums done a review again on trip advisor, I’ll post the links when they are published.

The Boccadasse fishing village is favoured by sweethearts and incurable romantics now as always. Boccadasse is an ancient seaside village that, as the story goes, was founded by sailors shipwrecked in the pretty bay just outside the town centre.

Today, and from my perspective it seems like a place to see and be seen in. The quayside is packed with couples, young and old, young families strew themselves across the cobbles and on the tiny shingle beach. People stand outside tiny, almost invisible bars laughing and chatting loudly, and the chairs at every pizzeria are full. Men in linen jackets and glamorous lady’s with high wedges and designer dogs!

Children play tag amongst the grounded old fishing boats and can just be heard calling to one another above the excited Italian chatter. The whole quay and beach are in the shade although the sun is still high. On the edge of the small peninsula, bathed golden In the last rays of the afternoon sun, is a garden with parasols and tables and chairs. We go off to investigate and head up into the narrow, cobbled lanes.

Going around and down it seems we have come the wrong way and step out back into the throng of the quay but at a different avenue, but as we turn around again to hunt some more we spot a doorway, very well hidden and discreetly signposted.

Ristorante Capo S. Chiara. By Chef Luca Collami. ( who it appears wears roasting forks as earrings!!) The restaraunt is impressive and the menu matches. With the help of google translate we could interpreted the Italian, but even then it didn’t make too much sense with its flowery language and noissettes of one thing or another.

A great touch was the Child’s menu, with a nod to the ” customer of the future” for 18 euros I opted for this. Mum and Geoff ate delicious octopus starters and had the local wine. Geoffs steak was delicious and perfectly cooked, served with a daub of green jam ( pesto, I’m told!) mums mackerel spaghetti was gorgeous, and served only with a fork to eat it with ( the Italian way?) which made for great sport watching her eat it! My FOUR courses were a junior conneseurs delight. Focaccia with sun dried tomatoes and courgette followed by white fish and gnocchi in tomatoe. A main of delicately battered fish with spiced wedges then chocolate Italian ice cream and a lemon sorbet! “Get me!!!”

Amazing food, beautiful place. Mum says it makes her think of Aaron Janes restaraunt back in NEWQUAY. Similar setting, similar style, modern, contemporary food. She and Geoff both agree it’s the best restaraunt they’ve been in since The Harbour Fish and Grill. I loved it!

Mums flip flops ( cramp flops Ie: from having crampons attached to them in the mountains of the Sierras!!) finally gave up the ghost on the wonky cobbles of the pretty back streets!

We were discussing tweeting and twittering and getting down with the kids now that I’m a social media mogul (!?) and we were trying to remember if the Turkish prime minister Erdogan had banned using Twitter outright in Turkey or if it was just during the course of the rioting in Takism square in Istanbul. I think I’ll have to Twitter a Turk later to see! Geoff asked me if I had a hashtag? This was confusing, I asked him
“isn’t that something you have for breakfast?” Mum said “no, that’s a hash brown!”

Our planning session this morning saw discussions about the weather once more. We’ve chosen to miss Andorra already – which I wasn’t very happy about- but OK! And now we are skipping Venice too. Mum discovered hotels there are very expensive, and although we read that Venice is a very dog friendly place the dogs have to travel, Ie: on trains, boat taxis etc wearing a muzzle! Neither Asena or Vodka own a muzzle, plus I don’t believe Mum and Geoff would be happy making them wear one anyway! Mum wasn’t looking forward to Venice actually anyway, she guessed it would compare to a bank holiday Monday at Port Isaac ( where Doc Martin is filmed in Cornwall) and she wouldn’t exactly jump at that day trip either. Instead she has found Venice on the coast. A ten mile stretch of beach in an area known as Lido De Jesolo.

Driving through Italy is expensive. The diesel in Tenerife is .71 per litre, here it’s 1.5 and because mum has been sharing the driving now, and she can’t drive any other way but FAST, Geoff has been telling her off about the fuel consumption.

After reaching Lido De Jesolo and an easy search for the hotel, called Ute, which was only about 100 metres to the beach (where the wind chill was freezing), we sat on our en-suite balcony, drinking beer and watching the sun go down…..( What more could we do after all those miles on the road ).

When it eventually came too cold to drink beer outside, we came inside and did more planning. The room was very spacious, maybe this was because it was a studio, or maybe it was because everything was pushed to one side a la ikea tastic.  It also seemed very modern and, a way Geoff put it, Ikea-er-re.  Everything was plastic fantastic, a bit like a toddlers play area!
After sitting at our plastic table on plastic chair, we planned our route for the next six nights. We were planning to go from here, Lido De Jesolo to Kutina, in Croatia, then to Smederevo in Serbia, and then to Nis in the southern part of the country.  And then we would go to a place in Bulgaria called Blagoevgrad for two nights…looking forward to tomorrow, to have a break for two days ( in the rain… It caught us up! ) but in a beautiful place in Croatia


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