Secret Bay….

And Asi Beach

24th June 2016
The day was hot even before the sun came up from behind the mountains this morning. The scent of wild oregano drifted off the land.

After a bouncy nights sleep,I woke up at eight thirty to the sounds of Vodkas squeaky morning song, which means ” I need a wee”…..

Today we planned to leave Kizilkuyruk and head to a bay we called “Secret bay”. It was called Secret bay because we found this bay by accident. Remember when I mentioned getting caught out in a bit of a blow, and having no close port of refuge…..well, mum saw a mast disappear into the rocks, as she was frantically scanning around with the binoculars, all those years back, and since at the time we had no port of refuge in force seven winds we decided to see where the mast ( which was surely attached to a yacht) had gone.

As it turned out, that mast hadn’t disappeared into the Rocks, but had in fact entered a very sheltered and secret bay… Since that occasion, we have not been back. All we knew about the bay was that it was very quiet, very sheltered, it had a restaurant at the far end and during the evenings, mountain goats used to run down the steep cliffs to the beach.

Today we were going to go and find it again, this time deliberately and in calmer situations.

After a small breakfast and a swim in the beautifully warm and clear water, we set of from the bay and into the turbulent, bouncy waves.
I wondered why it was so bouncy and unstable and then I remembered, we were in the Rhodes Channel. The Rhodes channel is an area of water that many boats use to get from the Turkish coast, to many of the Greek islands. However, in the channel it gets incredibly bouncy because of the amount of high speed boats that use it, such as the high speed catamarans and Hydrofoils that are used as ferries to get across to the Greek islands, but generally its churny and rolly anyway.

As the sun became hotter, the more bouncy it became and I was beginning to feel like a baby in a cot and I started to fall asleep. When I woke up, we were still an hours sail to the bay. However, we didn’t put the sails up today because the wind was on the nose the whole time.

When the bay came into view, the cliffs on the outside of the towered over the sea. There seemed to have been many landslides which have caused large holes in the cliffs. It reminded me of of an old person with many missing teeth! As we came closer to the bay the waves settled and it began to calm down. Soon, we were in the sheltered and still bay.

The entrance to the bay is now marked by a small Turkish flag and once in side, a pretty restaurant and beach with a jetty stood out. Many children were running and swimming, and the adults lay on their sun beds relaxing. Within minutes a man was waving and coming towards us in his small inflatable boat. He said he would help us with our shorelines and after sorting out the lines and anchor, we were parked.

Half an hour later we decide to go over to the restaurant where we had ( a very late 5pm ) lunch and sat talking to the person who helped us park. His name was Sümer, he is in charge of re branding “secret bay” . His beach is now called Asi Beach and is reachable also by land, easily from Dalysn and Dalaman and just one hours drive from Gocek. After a delicious meal and personable hospitality, we went back to the boat just in time to see the mountain goats descend onto the beach, and the evening wasp swarm to descend on us!


The Turkish fishing boat opposite was interesting to observe because the Turkish husband and wife fishing team over there either a) don’t know the wasp dance that we knew b) are immune to wasp swarms completely or c)know something that we don’t know about how to get rid of them!

Mum had some food in the fridge which had to be cooked today, so Geoff was going to cook it on the bar b que then we could have it cold at another time.
First off the bar b que had been bolted back on the boat by the winter caretakers facing the wrong way, and as the bar b que lives on the very stern of the boat, this would mean that whoever was going to cook on the blooming thing would have to be able to walk on water! Then Geoff couldn’t find the gas regulator which attached to it.

After an hour emptying and searching through every locker the regulator didn’t appear. Geoff began having paranoid dillusions that he might have thrown it away. Mum and I tried to convince him that we wouldn’t have let him do anything so foolish!

Anyway mum put the chicken in the oven for the duration of the wasp invasion this evening, this unfortunately meant that the saloon resembled a sauna, so there was no escaping the attack of the mental wasps tonight! I took to the water and rowed and danced out into the middle of the bay and waited for the seige to be over for the night!

Author: adventurerintrainingblog

I am a 14 year old boy and live and am home schooled by my parents aboard our 45 foot sailing yacht which we sail from Turkey. I have travelled through/ across Europe by road, several times now, and have also driven into the heart of Turkey, visiting Konya, Cappadocia and many other places. You can read about both of these experiences on the blog... However, at the moment you can read about our life aboard our yacht in Turkey during the winter... I hope you can come along for the ride, then sail along with me as I blog my sailing adventures for next year!

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