So, I’m Just Catching Up (with myself……… )




And thirteen hours home…….

16th May 2017

We love Datca. Apparently, the ancient Greeks believed Datça to have been created personally by Zeus. The geographer Strabo apparently said: “God sent his beloved creatures to Datça for them to live longer.”

However today we were leaving. We had decided that the weather towards Knidos wasn’t very good, so we planned to head to a Bay further in the Hisaronu Gulf.

However, preparing to leave, we spoke to the neighboring yacht, who had said that the weather and wind in the Knidos area was fine, and introduced the skipper to some great weather software, ” predictwind ” So, after further deliberation, we chose to head west towards the end of the Datca Peninsula, where Knidos lay.

After leaving, we motored into the wind and arrived in the calm but windy bay. The peninsula has coves, bays, and beaches in abundance. Sandy or shingly, they all share the same, alluring, crystalline turquoise waters.


Knidos, with its ancient ruined harbour, was a shipping stronghold from the 4th century BC. However, over time Knidos fell into ruins through earthquakes, conquests and looting – the last treasures were spirited away to the British Museum, for example, the greatly disputed Knidos Lion with its glass eyes.

Within minutes, you’re able to collect hundreds of pieces of ancient Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman ceramics. However, I wouldn’t advise collecting them because if the authorities catch you with them, they’ll fine you and probably throw you to the wolves in some ancient arena.

Hidden behind Cape Kapi, notable remains are a few basilica arches, floor mosaics, ancient temples and the exceptional sea-facing theatre.

Today, the sheltered and beautiful bay offers a spectacular anchorage for those heading from the north and the south. So after some lunch, mum and I took the dogs for a walk around the ancient port.

Walking around, we passed shattered walls, walked over ancient mosaics, and even saw a round temple. There’s was even a path way made out of broken ceramics.

What made me laugh, was the fact that if there was something this old in the U.K, the authorities would treasure and look after this incredibly. However, here it has been left to break up. It may have broken up due to constant earthquakes in the area and the heat, but still. Just to imagine how this place was built and who lived here is amazing.
Much of the site has been excavated and is still undergoing excavation and the big theatre is being renovated to its former ancient glory which will certainly be a sight to behold.

After coming back to the boat, we sat in the cockpit. There is a lighthouse on the Cape that I want to walk to tomorrow, but I have to talk mum into it first, so stay tuned…


Author: adventurerintrainingblog

I am a 14 year old boy and live and am home schooled by my parents aboard our 45 foot sailing yacht which we sail from Turkey. I have travelled through/ across Europe by road, several times now, and have also driven into the heart of Turkey, visiting Konya, Cappadocia and many other places. You can read about both of these experiences on the blog... However, at the moment you can read about our life aboard our yacht in Turkey during the winter... I hope you can come along for the ride, then sail along with me as I blog my sailing adventures for next year!

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