The Mega Tiroliana Bucovina…


Adrenaline Junkies Alert!

The Mega Tiroliana Bucovina is an amazing new zip wire ride, recently established in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. Without even a Trip Advisor review mentioning this place, it was a complete result stumbling upon it as we were busy visiting other touristic attractions in the area. And Oh My! Aren’t I glad we found it!

The Mega Tiroliana Bucovina is the longest zip wire in Romania and is listed as in the top five for the longest distance covered within the whole of Europe. The zip wire spans a huge distance of over 1 kilometre and from the start of the ride which is at an altitude of 1,100 metres which at 3,600 feet in English terms, it means you start the ride from approximately three quarters of the way up Ben Nevis- the highest mountain in the UK! – you leap, then you fly, and at the highest point, as you are zooming over the tops of the pine forests you can be as high as 100 meters from ground level! As you can imagine, the views are epic…. that’s a) if you have got your eyes open, and b) you aren’t going too fast to be able to see the view!

There are two options to choose from when you decide to satisfy your adrenaline craving and take to the wire on the Tiroliana Bucovina. You can choose the normal, sit in a harness and let your feet lead you option, which means you get to admire the scenery, take a selfie or a go pro movie and reach speeds of about 75 – 85km per hour, sounds pretty neatly, but – compared to the option of going down like Superman (!) is pretty much the average joes way out, hey, just for the record, I love being the average Jo!


The ” Superman ” method involves being harnessed up in a supine/ superman position, you head down the wire Head first, you can even adopt the super heros position too if you want…..and using this method of descent a person can reach up to 120km per hour!!! I’m sure you definitely will feel like superman at the end of it!


The guys who run this venture and in particular Ion Curea who is the founder of the thrill ride are very safety conscious. You are harnessed into top quality safety gear for during the descent and of course, helmets are provided… Depending upon your weight and whichever way you choose to travel, you might be provided with a parachute which acts as a brake in order to control your descent with better safety, or you may choose to have a parachute fitted anyway just to slow you down so you can enjoy the view and take a good look around this stunning area!

The Tiroliana Bucovina is situated on the main driving road situated between two of the famous Bucovina painted Monasteries on the main tourist route Situated at Las Palma. From the Moldovita Monastery which is a pretty place known for its frescoes of the story of jesus’ life and the siege of Constantinople backtrack to Vatra Moldovitei and continue northeast on a winding mountain road (17 A ) which peaks at eleven hundred metres at the Ciumarna pass, also known as ” Palma ” as a giant human hand statue stands here. There are locals selling their touristic wares and a great barbecue, a great view and the Mega Tiroliana Bucovina is right across the road, follow the sound of excited screams!


Ion Curea who is the brainchild behind the impressive ” flying fox ” zipwire first had the idea of spanning two hills back in 2014. In 2017 after learning everything he could about the science and skill behind creating such a zipwire and with the main aim of providing fun for other people, he began the project and in June 2018 the entrepreneurs idea became a reality. Ion insists that he isn’t an adrenaline junkie, his main aim is to make other people have fun! What a guy! And he certainly does that!

Everybody off the zip on the day I rode the flying fox ( English translation of Tiroliana )
proclaimed how much fun it had been and insisted that if they had time, they would really go back and do it again!
Personally, I thoroughly loved the trip and it has definitely released the adrenaline junkie in me… ( next stop Babadag and the highest parascending jump for me in the spring ) Ions hill is open all of the year as long as the weather is good and there aren’t big winds or big snows… guys, this really is the heads up about this adrenaline trip buried in the remoteness of the beautiful Bucovina in amazing Romania. If you like to go travel and find just the right sport to hit that adrenaline hot spot, the Mega Tiroliana Bucovina should be your next stop – You heard it here first!

Contact details for The Mega Tiroliana Bucovina are: tel: +40 757 889 052
Facebook : Mega Tiroliana “La Palma”
See videos and amazing photos at their Facebook link!

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  1. Casey after that you’ll be disappointed by paragliding methinks. I got no adenaline rush at all, just a gentle float off the mountain and about half an hour later, a gentle landing on the beach. Having said that zip wires are too much for me.

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